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  • June 11, 2018
  • Acting in Accordance with Sexual Harassment Law Under California Hostile Workplace Laws

    California Labor Laws are very diverse, but all of them play a crucial role in protecting the privileges of employees and bring a balance between the business sector and labour without meddling with the freedoms of businesses. Sexual Harassment Law is just one of the many statues discussed on the California Labor Laws. These laws aim at safeguarding all employees against harassments like sexual harassments that they may receive while in their line of duty. In most cases, these harassments interfere with the employee’s ability to carry out his or her task. To prevent such harassments cases from happening; the California Labor Laws requires all supervisors and managers to attend a two-hour sexual harassment prevention training that is carried out after two years.

    What follows are the dos that every company or business must adhere to so that they adhere to Sexual Harassment Laws Under California Employment Law

    In California, almost every company, and business owners do not know if the law protects them; and this is one question that they do not know the answer to it. The California Labor Law is very clear on which companies and businesses it covers- that is companies who have hired 50 or more workers. In fact, the California Employment Law state that a company has employed independent workers and contractors on a temporary basis is covered regardless of whether you have 40 permanent employees on your payroll and 10 or more independent contractors and workers who are temporary service workers.

    California Labor Law requires all supervisors and managers to attend the sexual harassment prevention training that is held after two years. But in California, the term supervisor is general. For example, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act considers a supervisor as a person who has the authority of not only hiring, suspending, transferring and promoting other employees but also as a person who has the right to guide them and attend to their needs efficiently without being biased. The law also recognizes those employees who participate in the decision-making process as supervisors, and they must attend the sexual harassment prevention training.

    As previously stated, prevention of sexual harassment course only runs after the lapse of two years, and the session lasts for only two hours. This training is provided by professional trainers or educators who are well versed in everything that has to do with prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. The way the course is offered plays a crucial role.For this reason, trainers and educators must use interactive forums where they show supervisors a video, offering them a lecture and asking them to point out something that would not meet the requirement. What is required of you as a trainer to provide an interactive class is to allow for role-playing, responding to the learners questions and administering exams after the training is over.

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