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  • June 11, 2018
  • Advantages Of Vertical Growing System

    These days, there are very many gardening systems to choose from. One of them is the vertical growing system.This system is mainly found in hotels and airports but more people are adopting it. There are very many benefits one stands to gain from adopting this gardening system.

    You are able to maximize your garden by adopting this system. Crops grown using this system do so vertically and they therefore use up very little space. This allows you to grow very many crops and therefore increase your crop yield. You will find that vegetables such as pumpkins tend to swallow up a lot of your gardening space but with vertical gardening systems, you can train the dwarf varieties to grow upwards which will save you a lot of space where you can plant other vegetables.Climbers such as passion fruits and tomatoes are sure to give you high yields if you adopt this growing systemYou do not have to buy your groceries just because you live in a town or you have a small kitchen garden since this system will work very well for you.

    You get to plant and harvest your crops all year round regardless of the season when you are using the vertical growing system. This is due to the fact that crop growing using this system occurs in an enclosed space with controlled conditions such as temperature and therefore the seasonal climatic changes do not in any way affect your harvest. If your business involves supplying either vegetables, flowers or fruits, you should look into this growing system because climate will not affect your deliveries.

    You get to save a lot of money over time when you adopt this crop growing system. Mechanisms in the vertical growing systems ensure that you can keep your mind at ease since you do not have to worry constantly about how and when you are going to spray your crops.This system has bio-security procedures that ensure that your crops are well protected from pests and diseases. The fact that this system can be started anywhere also ensures that you save on transportation costs. You save on transport costs by setting up your vertical growing system at a location close to where you sell your harvest.This system has a very low water usage.This is because water that is transpired by your crops is then reused by the same plants.

    You are bound to produce more when you adopt the vertical growing system. This is due to the controlled conditions in this system. With vertical growing system, you do not have to worry about the emission of carbon dioxide and air pollution from machines used in other farming methods since they are not required in the vertical growing system. There have been debates as to the adoption of this system but the benefits have outweighed the negative impacts thereby leading to an increased use of this system.

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